I Used to Not Care About Health

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Growing up in my family, we usually ate similarly to how the average American family ate. My brothers and I got a lot of exercise playing outside like most kids did then, and I was involved in sports. My mom was always into nutrition, but my brothers and I did not care to hear about it. However, there were some things in our household that differed from those of my friends. For example, we only had pop on special occasions; it usually was not in the house otherwise. The same went for dessert. We had wheat bread instead of white. I never drank milk except for a little while after I turned one. I also did not eat much red meat and no pork once I got to junior high or high school. My mom would often buy healthier versions of snacks and cereals, and she had us take vitamins.

So, we may have eaten a bit differently in some ways, but I still had minimal knowledge about health and nutrition. Other than those differences, I mostly thought I didn’t care about health and ate pretty similarly to everyone else. Then I left home for the first time. While living (far) away from home I realized I did care about health and that I wanted to be healthy. I tried to exercise more, but I still did not eat that well. Eventually, I started trying to eat better, and I did.

About three years ago I realized a passion for nutrition and a desire to help people with it. Then a year ago, in the summer of 2014, my husband and I did a Whole30 together. Whole30 is a nutritional reset program, and you only eat whole foods for 30 days. There is more to the program than that, and if you’re interested in reading about it, click here. My husband and I slowly changed our eating habits after I realized I had a passion for nutrition, and again, more drastically, after doing Whole30.

I didn’t used to care about health, but now I am passionate about nutrition and natural health because it can change your life! As I have learned through my college courses, much of today’s common diseases are preventable with healthy diet and exercise. Your life and the quality of it are worth the effort!

So, this is my blog to share my health journey, recipes, and even a bit about other health topics. I hope to inspire and encourage you! I scream, you will scream, we’ll all scream for veggies!


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