Whole45, Favorite Recipes, & Big Life Changes

Oh my gosh, butternut squash…soup! This is one of my favorite recipes I’ve tried/dishes I’ve had while doing Whole45! It was easy to make and it was just SO good! I am already over the halfway point! Today is day 26. I have no idea where that time went. I’ve been feeling great during Whole45! There have been a few days with odd schedules that made it harder, but it has gone really well overall. Mainly, I just need to get in the habit of being better prepared for times like those. This is not a surprise because I tend to do procrastinate, ha. 😉

Another favorite food on Whole45 has been…oh my gosh, spaghetti squash! Haha, oh come on, I know you’re laughing. I had only eaten spaghetti squash one time before, and I liked it but it was in a very different type of dish than what I made this time. This time I made homemade tomato sauce and ground turkey and put that over the spaghetti squash. I’m not much of a spaghetti sauce person, but I liked it. I even loved the spaghetti squash by itself! With a little seasoning, it’s delicious! I even made paleo Pad Thai with it, and I plan to tweak the recipe and make it again. Mmmmm.

Next, I loved the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce recipe in the Whole30 book. It is yummy and would go well with a lot of different things. I had it with a veggie mix made up of broccoli, yellow squash, and mushrooms (pictured below on the right). Mmmm.


Lastly, another favorite was a recipe I created myself. One morning, I had some leftover salmon and decided to incorporate it into my breakfast. I wanted to have eggs, so I decided to scramble eggs and add salmon to it. Subsequently, I remembered a breakfast dish I had at a local restaurant which has delicious breakfast food, and the dish consisted of scrambled eggs, salmon, cream cheese, and dill. It was excellent. So, I made a similar dish but without cream cheese and with my own additions (pictured above on the left). It turned out so well! I loved it, and now it’s a recipe I will be sharing on the blog!

The other day I tried parsnips for what I believe was the first time. It’s the first time I’ve cooked them, at least. I baked them in the oven as “fries” and they were good! I plan to cook with them more in the future!

Now for the big life changes! It’s been quite a busy time– I recently got a new car, became an auntie to an adorable nephew (my first one!), and got a new job! Aaaaah! I am blown away, especially because it all happened within one week! Crazy, right?! Along with that, I have exciting plans for this blog! Stay tuned!

Now, without further ado, here are the other meals I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. There were some other items added to some meals which are not pictured, such as a serving of fruit, nuts, and/or olives. I also had organic cold press coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon a few times and white tea a couple of times. (Please excuse some of the pictures. There were times I only had my phone for a camera and/or bad lighting.)

10_breakfast 10_lunch
10_dinner 11_breakfast 11_lunch 11_dinner12_lunch 12_dinner13_breakfast 13_lunch13_dinner 14_breakfast14_lunch 14_dinner15_breakfast 15_dinner16_lunch 16_dinner17_breakfast 17_lunch17_dinner 18_breakfast 18_lunch 18_dinner19_breakfast 19_lunch19_lunch2 20_breakfast20_breakfast_snack 20_breakfast2 20_lunch20_dinner 21_breakfast21_lunch 22_breakfast22_lunch 22_dinner23_breakfast 23_lunch23_dinner 24_breakfast24_lunch 24_dinner

I have more recipes in the works, and I’ll be posting more updates, favorite meals, and new health tips next week! So, see you then! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!


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