Whole45 Recap (Part 2) and Reintroduction

Happy September! I am a summer girl, so I am sad to see summer going so soon, but there are fun and wonderful things that come with fall too. And I can’t stop it from changing. Haha. This is my last Whole45 post! I want to share more about my Whole45 experience and reintroduction!

I’m going to get really honest here: When I planned to do this Whole45, I envisioned a “perfect” Whole45, one that I would do with my husband and make great new recipes all the time on. That’s not how it went. Continue reading


First Days of Whole45

I started a Whole45 on Monday and totally failed doing meal prep Sunday. It would have been so much better/easier at the beginning of the week if I had, so I will definitely be doing it this weekend! One thing I’ve noticed since starting Whole45 is that it seems I’ve slept better, and I’ve woken up feeling refreshed and completely awake. Continue reading