Whole45 Recap! (Part 1)

I finished my Whole45! YAY! Day 45 was July 22nd, I continued for a few more days after that, and I have been doing reintroduction slowly since then with Whole30 style eating in between reintroduction days. I felt great doing Whole45, had sustained energy, and didn’t crave sweets or junk food, even when they were right in front of me.

I have always had a sweet tooth, and if I start eating too many sweets it can get out of control because I don’t stop. It strongly affects my stress level, and it affects my skin. I virtually never get sick, but if I ever do, it’s when I haven’t been eating well. Furthermore, when I predominantly eat Whole30 style, I don’t feel like I HAVE to have sweets when they’re in front of me, or at all. I didn’t even want it while on Whole45. It felt empowering to have that control over what I decided to eat and to feel satisfied with what I ate, and I still feel that way. I will still indulge on special occasions for things that are special and “worth it,” but I love feeling like I don’t need to have it and that I can make the choice whether it’s special and I really want it or not.

I mentioned a family emergency in my last post. The circumstances surrounding the family emergency caused us to be away from home and unable to cook or prepare food for several days. Then, when we were able to be home and cook, we didn’t want to for days. It would have been a good excuse to give up on my Whole45 and do it another time. It would have been understandable, and I thought about it. However, I thought, “I have already come this far and have completed X number of days; I don’t want to quit now.” I didn’t want to let what I had done so far go to waste or to start all over after already completing about two thirds of it.

You know what? Surprisingly, it was not that hard! It was so much easier than I expected! To me, it was a testament to the fact that eating well can be done on-the-go. And yes, we were dealing with a really difficult time, but, while I was dealing with that and also supporting others, my body was able to do its best for me because I gave it the fuel it needed. I was very sleep deprived and did not get much exercise, both of which are also vital for health, but I was able to control the food I was putting in my body. I took care of my body in that way, and so it took care of me. I was tired, but my body stayed strong and I felt physically sustained and healthy. I was really proud of myself for continuing with my Whole45 during that time, and I’m so glad I did.

I’m going to wrap this one up, but my Whole45 story is not over! Next, I will be posting the rest of my Whole45 meals, some words of wisdom from my husband, and some real talk about expectations and my Whole45 experience! You won’t want to miss that one! I also have more recipes and health tips up my sleeve, so keep your eye out! You can also subscribe by e-mail, “like” on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and follow and pin my pins on Pinterest! Now, here are my meals for another week of Whole45, starting with lunch on day 26. (Some of the pictures were taken on my phone and/or in bad lighting, so please excuse those.) “See” you next time!

26_lunch 26_dinner 26_dinner2 27_breakfast 27_lunch 28_breakfast 28_lunch 28_dinner 29_breakfast 29_lunch 29_dinner 30_breakfast 30_lunch 30_dinner 31_breakfast 31_lunch 31_dinner


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